DIY & How-to

I tried and probably failed but you should try to “do it yourself”.

Brighten Up

Have to keep your home BRIGHT during these cold cold winters (in NYC at least), the snow won’t stop ( I don’t mind), and each day gets colder and icier. No fear, supermarkets manage to carry tons of colorful flowers, and while they may not last because they’re almost dead, they’ll brighten up your home […]


Fondant, by Hand

So… I’m kind of this “pastry chef” at heart. Really, another #SuaCareer goal LOL… those tend to come and go. This one though, I enjoyed, and would love to keep it up as a hobby. Fondant cakes! Back when I was a rookie, (LOL who am I kidding? Still am), I decided to.. from a […]


I Don’t Have a Green Thumb

SO. I got a one of those “good-luck- money-tree- asian-bamboo” plants back in Fall ’09 for a close friend’s parents’ wedding. I decided I’d nurture it, and watch it grow- and hope it’d being me luck and money and whatever. The plant came in like a 5in tall little “vase” with like an inch diameter. […]