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Dressing the Part

A week in and I’ve had to go buy dri-fit workout clothes.  I hit up Modell’s after work and bought a new Champion sports-bra (much needed), workout champion knee tights, as well as a cute pink “I ❤ Two a Days” Under Armour tee, and an AMAZING Nike dri-fit pullover. Bikram has gotten easier, well the […]


Idina Menzel

The voice of an angel. One of my idols, that I’ve unfortunately never had the chance to see in some of her best, most renowned performances (Wicked, Aida, Rent etc.) I did however have the opportunity to see her in a small venue a couple years back, that was sold out..but again, an amazing performance, […]


Bocelli LIVE

Andrea Bocelli’s music has been an integral part of my family’s life; ever since my grandma’s  surprise birthday, where I slaved for 2 weeks creating a video montage to play along with a song dedicated to her called “Vivo Per Lei” or in spanish “Vivo Por Ella”- (because he’s amazing, he speaks & sings his […]


Andrea Bocelli

What an amazing day/night in Boston! Mom and I drove out for the 8PM show at the TD Garden! Wonder why we took drive? Part of Andrea Bocelli‘s tour included 3 east coast shows: MSG in NYC, Prudential Center in New Jersey and TD Center in Boston. All of which were sold out except the […]