Make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.

NatGeo Almost-30 Bucket List

How opportune that the same day @CandyNewYork offers me an irresistible deal for a year-long subscription to @NatGeo‘ s @NatGeoTraveler for $6, they also write up a collab of Editor’s Picks top getaways that are equally as irresistible. These are just 6 I’m drooling over of the 19: Can I please just vow to visit each of these places […]


Paris: a one day stand

In case you don’t know—Geneva is nestled in the bottom left hand corner of Switzerland, bordering NW Italy, and SE France- about 3 hrs from Paris. So you know what that meant… the Frenchies of my life (mom & sis) – made it almost mandatory that I stop over to Paris before leaving. I can’t […]


Geneve alla Suaz

I grew up in a small town– one that quite honestly made it really hard to make real friends outside of your immediate clique. However, I was lucky to have a couple of great friends. One of which, although “across the pond,” I’ve stayed so close with through the years— [@ThaRealQhabo] I’d been trying for […]