Goodbye Shiraz

My last day at Shiraz Events was by far the most amazing day- one I’ll never forget. For those that don’t know- I interned there before finishing my degree and president Shai Tertner kept me on board as the PR/Marketing Asst- love the team, love the work- amazing company really. Love them still so much. I was there for about 1.5 years June ’09- yesterday. Thanks to Shiraz I learned the foundations of “working experience” and I really only moved on because I wanted to hone my skills in Social Media Marketing.

I made a big to-do about it, only because I felt I was “growing up” by getting another job- but I do still miss them- check out the invite for my shindig, and some photos from my last day- they got me a pinata and all (embarrassing of course) but love everyone so dearly!

Angela and I bonding the day before:

My pinata:

Angela with my pinata- I owe all the festivity planning to her 🙂

Angela with a toy from the pinata:

My ribbon pole and gift from Ben, my crack, Diet Coke:

6:30 PM time to say goodbye- pinata keeping my seat warm next to Ang-

The invite to the party:

…and the bottle service at the party!

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