Newport in 36 Hours

As you probably know by my Insta uploads and check-ins, Newport was amazing this weekend. 36 hours of New England beauty and I hate that I had to leave so soon. I literally could have spent an entire week there and not have gotten tired of the views and brisk evenings, Thames St. and the quaint and cozy wharves; swoon. Accompanied by my hometown BFFs, we ventured north around 2PM Friday; first suggestion, leave earlier in the day – we hit a lot of traffic. Friday evening was short but amazing. We arrived to Newport around 6PM and went straight … Continue reading Newport in 36 Hours

Newport RI Outfit Inspiration

The light at the end of my tunnel of screams, yes – I had quite the infuriating morning yesterday, is that I’m off to Newport, RI this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it. So much so that I need outfit inspiration because Newport is a total “scene” and I have to get it right for pictures and memories. When I think of Newport I think nautical. Am I right? Nautical = Sperry’s, blue, khaki, linen/white, and bright colors too. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m thinking the looks below are pretty spot on. First on the agenda, I need a new … Continue reading Newport RI Outfit Inspiration

Sweet or Savory

Funny moment on my flight from NYC to London last week that I just had to share. It was a moment similar to Cady’s thoughts in Mean Girls about her first time at the mall and how it reminded her of being in Africa by a watering hole: I’m on the flight, which I spent 3 hours of watching The Wolf of Wall Street and another bit eating breakfast (morning flight)/reading/sleeping, when suddenly my flight mates and I were awakened by the flight attendant for last-minute drinks and snacks.   “SWEET OR SAVORY”, asked the flight attendant, for a second time, to … Continue reading Sweet or Savory

P.S. Miami Was Lots of Fun

Remember how I said this year is the Year of the Weekender? Actually, I don’t think I ever said it on Suazmo but I’m saying it now: this year is all about ME and taking Friday-Sunday to myself in a different place not far from NYC as often as I can. I’ve never been to Chicago for example, or spent much time Boston. I kicked off my Weekender Year with a mini excursion down to South Beach, Miami, just days before starting school again for the semester. I found myself exporting photos of other things just now at work and … Continue reading P.S. Miami Was Lots of Fun

Positano in October

A little birdie’s been a’whisperin’ in my ear and it sounds like I have an awesome opportunity to travel to my homeland, (ok fine) my wannabe homeland, in October. To sunbathe on the Amalfi Coast is such a dream of mine. Ever since my first trip to Italy and Naples when I had the chance to visit the Blue Grotto off the island of Capri, I knew I had to get my butt in that water and ON that coast. Sadly, an awfully rainy day took us to Pompeii instead of Capri and Blue Grotto. Moreover, it’s obvious that a … Continue reading Positano in October

On Traveling Alone

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  ― Augustine of Hippo My friends are dropping like flies on our big plan to escape to a Caribbean Island for a weekend in July and I find it incredibly unacceptable. Sure they’re dropping for medical reasons, but I still want and need a relaxing, super-sun, and beautiful-beach, getaway and if I have to go alone… so be it. My friends seem to think traveling alone is inadmissible; thank god I don’t always listen to them. I march to my own drum, and guess what? There is nothing … Continue reading On Traveling Alone

Washington D.C. Instagram Diary

I spent Friday night and Saturday in D.C. and it was such a fun mini-cation! I haven’t been to D.C since a middle school trip, then again in college – a day trip to watch a documentary. It was so incredible to see something like the White House again which looked SO much smaller than I remember! A quick $40 (round trip via Megabus) 4-hour ride (from NYC) and you’re in a refreshing and clean city full of a hodgepodge of curious folk and historic landmarks. I highly recommend this quick getaway for anyone! Key takeaways:  – Nightlife bottle service, … Continue reading Washington D.C. Instagram Diary

Thinking of BoxPark

Although the wind chill today is making it feel like Winter again outside, this cloudless quiet day is reminiscent of my afternoon at BoxPark in London. BoxPark Shoreditch is the world’s first pop up mall. One of those wrong time, SO RIGHT place for me. In search for a short cut to Brick Lane from Bishopgate I stumbled upon what looked like a row of shipping containers each pertaining to a different retailer. Once I realized what was going on I HAD to put my agenda on hold and explore. Low and behold I found a whole 2nd level with even more brands, … Continue reading Thinking of BoxPark