Shark Week

I’m one of those people who has total respect for the ocean and everything that lives in it; I don’t even EAT anything that comes from the water. And so, as I walk to and from work every day eyeing this massive Shark Week billboard… …that, for lack of better words, AdWeek describes as a “Chum-Tossing Celebration of Carnivorous Delights”, I can’t help but think, What is so fascinating about sharks?! Have I missed something huge because I’ve never seen Jaws? I should probably watch Jaws. But I’m such a beach bum… will I be forever scared to get in the water if … Continue reading Shark Week

Mindy & Me: On Hooking Up

I’m kind of sad that my “Mindy & Me” series is almost over! Really, the entire point of this was to share how great her book is to women similar to me and Mindy. So, if you haven’t read it… go read it! It’s a great little refreshing distraction. Today, Mindy and I cover “hooking up”. Mindy’s short rant on hooking up is all about how the term “hooking up” is completely confusing and misused (I agree) by everyone. What does it even mean anymore? Does it mean first base? A home run? Or something in between? Or like, a synonym for …connecting? “Let’s … Continue reading Mindy & Me: On Hooking Up

Questioning Adulthood

Sorry for all the age talk lately, must be the upcoming birthday, but I have to ask my fellow mature 25+ twenty-somethings: Do you ever have moments when you wonder whether you’re officially an adult yet or not? Like, will this be my “voice”, demeanor, thought process, lifestyle… into my 30’s/40’s? Because I had that moment today and after I caught myself thinking about it I thought, “No way! People change all the time!” Or do they? Share your thoughts below please. In the meantime, I’ll continue over thinking it. Continue reading Questioning Adulthood