In-Home Dry Cleaning

In-home dry cleaning? SIGN ME UP. Too bad it’s $499 at Bloomingdale’s and takes a month to arrive from somewhere across the pond. I’m not sure I dry clean enough to justify buying this, but perhaps having it at home also saves time with ironing? Perhaps I’d actually get INTO caring for my clothes? According to, it’s pretty easy to use: The innovative SWASH™ System lets you conveniently refresh dresses, suits, sweaters and more at home between dry cleanings. Simply place clothing inside, insert a SWASH PODS™ cup and press start—your items will be restored and ready to wear in … Continue reading In-Home Dry Cleaning

10 Things a Single Woman Should Have in Her Fridge At All Times

Think Holly Golightly in (my favorite) Breakfast at Tiffany’s: the ultimate detached single woman. What’s in her fridge? Aside from the milk and the ballet slippers? We’re not exactly sure … but I think we can all assume that it’s probably very empty. If you’re anything like me, and you’re never really home or the cooking/foodie type, going food shopping and buying lots of food is usually wasteful. I never cook/eat it -> It goes bad -> I throw it out -> money wasted. More often than not, this results in a pretty bare fridge. So I probably only really … Continue reading 10 Things a Single Woman Should Have in Her Fridge At All Times

If I Had a Valentine

It’s totally fine that I don’t have a Valentine this year. Really. Mainly because I don’t have the time to nurture a relationship outside of the ones with myself, school, my family, my BFF’s and my TV shows. But, if I had a Valentine, this blog post would be my gift suggestion post. I’d say something like… Hey, love of my life! In case you weren’t exactly sure what to get me for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas. xo, love you babe! So, as the blog would follow, here are a couple of things that I could maybe want … Continue reading If I Had a Valentine

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Fan of Valentine’s Day or not, I know there are women around the world scratching their heads for good gift ideas for their men. The mushy, lovey-dovey DIY gifts are always great, but does HE appreciate them? Maybe. Maybe not. But what else could he want? Flask? Shoes? Some women may know their men and not need help, but I thought Gents Among Men did a great roundup of ideas that I thought I’d share all under $100. PS: Congrats to Gents Among Men’s main gent, and college friend of mine, Max Twitty for his exciting style feature on Time Out. Keep … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

5 Reasons Why a Onesie is the Best Christmas Gift Ever

First, Merry Christmas! Christmas stands for love, hope and joy. I love you all and want you to pass it on to everyone in your life. I hope you’ve had a great holiday and are looking forward to an amazing New Year! Second, I’ve wanted a onesie for a long time coming now and finally decided to buy myself one for Christmas. I knew my mom would be home for the holidays so I surprised her and my sister with matching pairs! I found them on UK retailer While they were delivered separately, and almost didn’t make it in time for … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why a Onesie is the Best Christmas Gift Ever