Today on The Train/A Thought on this Friday

Inspired by my girl Girl Contrary, here is a Today on the Train/Here Is A Thought On A Friday mashup: Does anyone feel the guilt and pressure that I feel when I’m happily sitting in a seat on a crowded rush-hour morning train and a woman with a large stomach walks on? It’s like… are you pregnant? But you can’t ask that right? But like, I want to get up for you/ask if you’d like to sit if you are with-child, but if you’re not then you’ll be pissed and I’ll be mortified. So I end up spending the entire rest of … Continue reading Today on The Train/A Thought on this Friday

Today on the Train: An Apology to my Fellow Commuters

I’m really sorry I dropped my medium iced coffee on our morning commute today. I’m sure you walked on disgruntled already to go to another day of work, and then to notice you’d have to find your way around the massive puddle in front me, the soaked newspaper, and the long tendrils spreading across the train?! I’d be mad too. Sorry for that, and that your shoes will probably be sticky all day. If it’s any consolation though, I had a pretty weird morning. I tried curling my hair and it kind of just got puffy instead, and my back … Continue reading Today on the Train: An Apology to my Fellow Commuters

Today on the Train: Heat Wave

As if the unbearable weather changes haven’t screwed with us enough, we are now in what is estimated to be a 4-day heat wave. That’s right folks! Let the whiny, bitchy, sweaty princesses of NYC (not excluding myself,) start their rants of FB posts/tweets (hashtag heatwave), Instagram #selfies (#poolside, in #flipflops, #RayBans, and #IcedCoffee,) and blog posts about how disgusting and uncomfortable this wave will be. I digress. Today on a crowded, recently re-railed, 1 train I witnessed several people sweating profusely. May I suggest some remedies to your heat wave symptoms? 1. Definitely, please, don’t pass on the deodorant. 2. … Continue reading Today on the Train: Heat Wave

Today on the Train: Jelly Flats

Are Jelly Flats really actually back? Did they ever go anywhere? OR was this just a total mirage on the train this morning? I can only remember fiending for this style of jellies years ago because they were THE COOLEST in Middle School. But flats? I mean, am I missing it? Do I need a pair to truly understand? Or did both of these ladies fashion-faux-pas hardcore? I wonder if @LaPantin, for Glamour, has decided if she really loves Jelly Shoes or not?! I mean I LOVE these Tory jellies, but I’m just not sure about any other style!? WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Continue reading Today on the Train: Jelly Flats

Dear Young Mom,

I cannot deal with your early morning angry rants on the 1 Train. Have some respect “for your fellow passengers” and have the conversation later. I’d actually rather hear your LOUD music so please plug-in those headphones and jam to Bruno Mars instead of loudly revisiting every minute of your morning. Granted I could have just put my headphones in and ignored you but you know what, I didn’t want to today because my back hurts and I think I have strep throat, so whatever. Luckily I was saved by the Dyckman stop where you knew you’d lose service “going … Continue reading Dear Young Mom,