First Year Roses

Woke up at 4 AM today to take my sister to the airport… she went off the Panama for a Medical Brigade in Kuna Yala. Intense.

On my way back ($13 later, no thanks so RFK bridge), I picked up my mom, because she wanted to be at the cemetery at the exact time my grandfather passed away… 1/8/10.

We stopped by a small flower shop in our town, Johnston’s, and Heather Granger (the Floral Design Manager) helped us put together a large beautiful arrangement to place on his grave.

Why roses? My mom’s name is Rosemary, and gave both my sister and I the middle name Rose. We’ve sort of become three beautiful roses, and my grandpa’s 3 roses, always.

My sister has it tattooed on the base of her neck:

Heather arranged over a dozen white roses, with 3 red in the middle. It was gorgeous. The rest of our family visited throughout the day and absolutely loved it.

With all the love in my heart.

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