Riding the Bulls!

Just another reason why 2011 is going to be an awesome year! My goal is to do and experience as many new things as possible; it’s MY 2011 challenge! So what better way then to spontaneously buy tickets to a show at MSG that happened to be advertised on the front and back covers of the Metro NY newspaper, The Professional Bull Rider Invitational!

Anyone that knows me would, at first, say (and did say)… “Suaz, what the hell are you going to that show for?” I answered simply, that it was a new experience, why not! Once they thought about it a little harder though they realized that in MY head…. COWBOYS=HOT boys= eye candy=fun times!

Take for instance this gorgeous man…Guilherme Marchi

After searching HI and LOW for a friend to bring along, Ms. Andrea Coleman from Alabama RSVP’d yes to my pleas, and so I bought us $25 tickets (each) to the first night of the Ford’s “BUILT TOUGH” Professional Bull Rider Invitational, or, as I now know it … the house of TEAM PBR for the weekend at MSG.

Andrea and I! Disregard the terrible photo, the security guard that took it WAS NOT our biggest fan!

We walked in just on time, Ford truck in the middle of the arena and PBR in flames on the other side… here is just a short clip of the hype introducing the champ Renato Nunes:

What we thought would be the horrible nosebleed section, ended up being party central, with a pretty great view as far as we were concerned. Hell of an entertaining show, the “rodeo clowns” were great and we even got to see the defending champ ride! Learned so many knew things too, like:

– PBR is the most dangerous/hardest 8second sport in the world

– The rules of the sport, like the fact that the rider can ONLY hold on with ONE HAND!

– Bucking (and what the handlers do to make them buck)= why the animal activists hate this sport, and why I may not ever go again.

– They only make it about 3 feet away from the chute, if that= this is why the camera shots when you watch on TV are so tight.

– The horses are not afraid of the bulls.

– The handlers distract the bull after the rider falls off.

– It’s exciting to watch them wrangle and try to lasso the bull if/when they don’t go straight back into the chutes.

– You should probably wear flannel, a cowboy and/or boots to an event like this… we missed the memo:

Check out more photos on Flickr>>

Would I go back? Maybe. I have to do some research and decide whether I agree/disagree with animal activists. Were the guys riding, and in attendance HOT? Yes. Would I go back just to hang out in the ‘nosebleed’ section with the hot guys in trucker/cowboy hats, yes.

SUCCESS. “Watch Live Bull Riding” in 2011, CHECK CHECK!!


Had to buy the tee :).


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