What the H is a “Diffuser”?

…and why is it sitting in my closet?

Ok, ok, I’m only half kidding, I thought I knew what it was a couple years ago when I bought it… but not so much anymore. I remember a couple of friends of mine with REALLY CURLY hair like me, used it to blow dry their hair after applying product. I guess to make sure their hair dried curly and not frizzy? Does it diffuse the frizz?

I went to use it yesterday morning… and this was the mane that emerged.

Let’s ask the experts on ehow.com, what the H it is, what it does and HOW to use it properly… shall we?

Apparently, “using a diffuser can cut down on drying time, but also makes it easier to achieve the hair you’ll love. Finding a hair diffuser is not difficult, and they are affordable, making them a fantastic beauty tool to try.

and it’s actual function is to:

– Increase curls or waves for naturally curly or wavy hair

– Can also add lift and volume to straight or limp hair.

The latter is used to keep the hot air blowing from the dryer on one area and prevent frizz from forming throughout the hair. As opposed to hair blowing out of the dryer and going all over the place, it only comes out of a slim nozzle, which allows the hair cuticle to lay flat when used with a round or flat brush.” Read more>>

Here’s Sandy Morton, Headlines Salon & Spa, showing us How To: diffuse curly hair… LOL she doesn’t seem very enthused, AT ALL.

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