Fondant, by Hand

So… I’m kind of this “pastry chef” at heart. Really, another #SuaCareer goal LOL… those tend to come and go. This one though, I enjoyed, and would love to keep it up as a hobby.

Fondant cakes! Back when I was a rookie, (LOL who am I kidding? Still am), I decided to.. from a Youtube video, make a 3 tiered fondant cake for my sisters birthday.

Not knowing all the hard work this entailed… I took a day off just to create it. I used this video as a guide:

…making the fondant myself and granulated sugar by accident (hence the shininess and texture) I was able to finish! First cake, not bad!

*side note: when you make fondant on your own, give it a day to sit. Using it the same day won’t allow for the shaping and hardening of the fondant.

…nonetheless, my sister LOVED it.

The 2nd cake I gave a shot, was a simpler 1 tier for Easter; with just more attention to detail on the decoration. This I have more documentation of, and even a blue print! Another long day in the kitchen… the RIGHT SUGAR (check out the smoothness once the cake was covered), AND a little jazz that happened by mistake!

See that layering that happened (bottom right)… looks GREAT to me, but that would be what happens when you roll the fondant out too much and have a ton left over… and you don’t have the right tray to prop the cake to slice the extra off.

Final product:

*please excuse the devilish looking “bunny”.

Here are a few other ideas I’ve had and sketched out, that I didn’t get to make :(!

(friends’ grad from CUNY Hunter)

(5 year HS reunion)

Hopefully I can make another soon… what do you say? Do I have potential?

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