Brighten Up

Have to keep your home BRIGHT during these cold cold winters (in NYC at least), the snow won’t stop ( I don’t mind), and each day gets colder and icier. No fear, supermarkets manage to carry tons of colorful flowers, and while they may not last because they’re almost dead, they’ll brighten up your home for at least a couple of days!

Check out this bouquet I picked up yesterday, a bit much if I do say so myself, but I find it warming, really. The orange, red and dark blue/purple, is softened by the white, yellow and touch of green.

As you may, or may not know, don’t just dump the boutique into a vase, cut the stems at an angle to the height you’d like them, and remove all leaves from the stem, as they drink water too and inhibit the majority of the water to reach the bud.

Take a moment and be a florist, arrange the colors/flowers as you’d like, balancing or unbalancing if there are multiple stems of the same flower.  Also, avoid the fillers (baby’s breathe etc.) the flowers alone are usually full enough- the filler can get tacky.

Hope you brighten up your home this week, aren’t we expecting like 3 more storms?

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