“Internet” While Driving

“Distracted driving is an ongoing problem. A new State Farm poll proves once again that the roads are full of idiots. One in five of the 912 drivers State Farm informally surveyed in November admitted to accessing the Internet on their smartphones while driving.

The insurance company will conduct a deeper study soon, and the 19 percent who admitted to surfing and driving in this study may actually be low for certain groups of drivers.

Teenagers and young adults are more tethered to their phones than just about everyone else, and they’re also the least experienced drivers, a recipe for danger on the roads with a likely higher percentage of smartphone use while driving.”

Only 19%? Really? I’m surprised! Thought it would be WAY higher. People just don’t want to fess-up! Read more via Auto Blog>> and follow @StateFarm & @AutoBlogNews on Twitter!

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