College Grad

LOL- in short- I legit finished my degree back in December 2009. BUT, I wanted to travel- so I chose a cheap option, and went to Italy for the month of Jan 2010 with CUNY HUNTER- actually brought in the New Year somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Things got crazy and I hadn’t applied for May ’10 graduation on time.

A lot of my friends- that I finished my degree with, finished that semester (Spring 10) and were walking in May. I WAS NOT missing out on that- and let’s be serious, I couldn’t get by with the fam NOT walking at A graduation. So, I snuck in- got a couple of tickets from a couple of friends (they don’t check them anyway) AND, bought a cap and gown because they don’t check your info to buy it! LOL. I also really just wanted a 2010 tassel to hang in my car- (westchester thing), I also didn’t see the need to wait until May 2011 to walk with a bunch of strangers.

Any who- more problems later- my degree wasn’t conferred until September 2010- and I had a balance on my account for the “class” I took with Hunter. Which I kept putting off to pay. I finally decided this month to drop the cash, pay the bill, get my diploma and say GOODBYE to CCNY officially.

Funny story: I got paperwork in the mail to register for May 2011 graduation… L   O   L. 🙂

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