Aston Martin

YEAH… I’m waiting for the day I confuse my iPhone (which I don’t have), with my AmEx Black cardHA. According to Aston Martin, 45% of their recent buyers have confused the two- therefore, create a solution? Aston Martin is teaming with Canadian luxury telephone manufacture Mobiado to create the CPT002 concept phone, to be unveiled at the BaselWorld watch and jewelry show in Switzerland.

Pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me….check it:

Aside from the straight coolness of its design, it also includes an onboard accelerometer which coordinates with the car’s computer to act as an additional sensor in the event of a crash. That’s right, the phone in one’s pocket helps calculate the rate at which one is hurtling face-first into the steering wheel, thus informing the airbags how and when to deploy and the seatbelts when to stiffen. Read more via Car AND Driver>>

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