Earth Day Litter-itis

Better late than never right. Crazy busy day at the office today! Any whoodles, it’s EARTH DAY as well as holy week and GOOD FRIDAY! Big bang weekend, lots going on- Easter, bunnies, egg dying, easter baskets, church, jesus, pos cherry blossoms at the NY Botanical Gardens, might even go see HOP just because (!), lots going on.

Everyone is going Earth Day crazy though- so how will I contribute? How will I give back to our precious earth? Well, anyone who knows me, has probably noticed, that I don’t care much for the fact that I litter. I probably litter a bit TOO much. It’s sad really- and it’s wrong. I can’t not care. So, I’m taking a vow, to stop littering. I hope I have the willpower, but will also help myself by putting plastic bags in my car- which I can fill with garbage- as that is my biggest time of litter-itis, whilst driving.

Is that good? I just feel like I should stop in general. My sister cracks on my all the time for it, especially when I do by her school, Columbia University apparently has strict rules about littering- it’s basically NOT allowed- which makes sense, hence their pristine campus amidst Harlem.

Few Earth Day goodies I loved:

1. Google’s doodle, precious

2. Dos Caminos: plantable paper card-

Love love love- didn’t even know “seed paper” existed! Very cool, kudos Dos Caminos for contributing!

What were some of your fav Earth Day goodies and/or how will you make a difference?

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