Chris McMillan Haircuts

Exploring haircuts/styles for the Fall, and I stumbled on an email I’d saved from Maire Claire featuring @ChrisMcMillan haircuts and product suggestions. He suggested four different styles, 1 very short pixie- which I’d never dare, and the three below.

Now, if my hair was as curly and maintained as the amayz curly fro to the right, I’d possibly consider, but my current goals for my mane?

long and thick!

Love the long wispy styles of ladies 1 & 2, and while I’ve tried straight bangs in the past (and didn’t fancy), I’d consider it again if done correctly.

MC recommended:

Remington Professional Flat Iron, $45; Chris McMillan Hair Defining Paste, $25; Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, $24.

Get more product and styling info on @MarieClaire>>.
Thinking of a fresh cut/style for the fall?

Share YOUR inspiration!

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