France Suggests Girls Beauty Pageant Ban

While my stay in Paris was short and I didn’t really Iearn much about the culture, or spend time with the people, I can say that I agree 100% with these Parisians and their suggestion to ban Girls Beauty Pageants.

From fake teeth and teased hair to “padded bras, high-heels and mini-thongs” the under-eights beauty pageants girls (and show moms- because really people!) are provoking concern in France.

“Girls in France as young as 12-years-old are being damaged by the over-sexualisation of society according to a parliamentary report by UMP senator Chantal Jouanno [french politician] published on Monday. Among other concerns, the report criticized the availability of padded-bras, high-heeled shoes and mini-thongs for eight-year old girls.”

Funny I was introduced to Alana “Honey Boo-Boo” just the other day over dinner. This is unbearable.

I’m so torn. I like how real Alana is showing her “big belly” to the judges and saying “Beauty is so boring”, but then again… the rest of it? To win for money? And the obese mother telling her to shake her ass? This is far worse than Snookie and the Jersey Shore if you ask me.

@Chantal_Jouanno adds, “Today children are building their identity based on a reduction of equality between men and women and a return of female stereotypes through music video clips, toys and TV reality shows. We are seeing a generation that from a very early age, not through education, but by default, accepts inequality between the sexes.”

And “France is not the only country to raise the red flag over the problem [my friends.] Last year British Prime Minister David Cameron commissioned a report called Let Children Be Children and Belgium and Canada have also carried out surveys on the same issue.” read more.

I mean LOOK at this! [I didn’t insert arrows or text]

I say we pledge to SLAP A SHOW MOM anytime you see one!
I think that’ll stir up the pot a bit!

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