Call ME Maybe

I pretty much completely missed the bus on this “Call Me Maybe” phenom, not so much phenom as it was just viral. The story, as I know it, is that Carly Rae Jepsen released this pop song “Call Me Maybe,” not sure if this video came before or after Carly’s OFFICIAL video, but the Biebs, GF Selena, Ashley Tisdale, Carlos Pena and friends did a fun home video to the song.

Isn’t it great? I kind of love how it shows how normal they are at home in loungewear, on a Saturday night.

Selena says,

Millions of views later, fans started doing their own versions including a young lady from my hometown @nicolettesings whose version I saw on FB the other day.

Believe me, the song won’t get old. I’m obsessed and while I really want to make a vid with 4-5 of my friends….I got a little antsy last night and went at it in thermal camera and @NYJets gear.

side note: you have to record 3-4 different versions, lay the music, and then cut up the 3 versions; but if you sing the lyrics (like me) you run into the problem of the song matching the clip— hats off to the video editors/producers out there- this video took me 3 hours to edit! Insane.


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