The Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name

In lieu of Tim Story’s “Think Like a Man,” I dug up this great article, and did a little investigating into the male mind. Read an excerpt below, followed by four men with varying feedback on the topic. Would love to know what @IamSteveHarvey would have to say to this post.

“It’s an oft-feted irony that Marie Curie died of an illness contracted from exposure to radiation. Perhaps what we can learn from this is that we should fear things until we understand them. If that’s the case, we can know there is one thing men will always be scared of. The one thing no amount of learning will let us fully understand: women.

But let’s be realists; most of us being slightly scared of women is entirely acceptable. Namely because they can break your heart, and there is no pain worse. Every man is afraid of handing over their number and being rejected, or looking like an idiot on a first date by turning up in an ill-advised waistcoat/top-hat combo that the shop assistant said looked terrific. Fear affects how we act around women, how we dress around them, even how we eat around them. I once ate sushi on a date as I was too afraid to refute the restaurant choice. And I’m allergic to seafood.

But it doesn’t mean that women want to be scary, or that they don’t harbour similar fears about men.” Read more via @d_whitehouse on the Shortlist

You already know Suazmo was curious and had to ask 4 random men what they thought about @d_whitehouse‘s vantage point on men and fear of women; check it out– very interesting feedback:

“It’s a known fact we will never understand women – that’s exciting though, not scary.” – @benrdraper

“In my experience, i’ve learned to communicate well so I do avoid the rotten apples for the most part.From what I know, fear of women can also come from trying to understand a woman who doesnt fully understand herself. Its similar to driving on a road with no signs, landmarks, or a map. There is no point of reference to base your next set of decisions off of and there is always something new around every twist and turn.

All of our lives we develop our minds into fully understanding our strengths, weaknesses, as well as current and future interests. To then meet someone of the opposite sex who has lived without that pursuit, and then try to have some sort of relationship with that person can be extremely horrifying. On the flipside, nothing is more attractive than a woman who fully knows herself AND can express it properly.” – Danny  

“Wow. Interesting. I think he’s fearing women for the wrong reasons. Dude, why would you eat sushi when you’re allergic to the food? Kevin Hart said not to always agree with women because you look like an idiot when you always say “Yes.” Why not get it out of the way first and tell your date you’re allergic? Create conversation, find something you both can eat, and you both learn about each others likes and dislikes.” – @Feed_MEE

“Think the problem with this sort of article is it implies that there is a set of terms which exist where men can supposedly play by the rules and approach women. I find it sort of degrading that women are seen as categorically placed into something that comes with a set of rules and I think it’s degrading to men that we are supposed to follow them.

I think being scared of women is as natural as women are scared of men, it’s just that no or not many women ever publicly discuss how terrified they are of not being asked out on a date by a guy they actually like. I also think that the being scared of women mindset furthers the unfortunate game that surounds dating. Mainly the one where women want to be chased and men are expected to do the chasing, in many traditional settings. Even in the world we live in today where women have more power than ever, that rule does not seem to change. So by that idea I think guys have a right to be more wary than scared.” – Eric

Other guys out there have varying feedback to throw in the mix? Would love to even hear from the ladies. Are you scared of men? Or is it all just a stupid game?

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