Waiting on Lines for Products: Sneakerheads

I sort of get it, the iPhone5. But a new pair of New Balance… sneakers? I don’t get.
I actually had this topic on the to-write list and never got to it, but this post on Facebook/Instagram via alldayallnoche a couple of weeks ago stirred the pot and I just have to vent.

“So these are the WEST NYC x New Balance MT580 “Alpine Guide Edition”. Waited in line for 45 minutes only to find out sz 12 sold out. So I’m letting this sz11 go for $300 cash. I really want a 12 in these though. #West147 #NewBalance #MT580 #SneakerHead #FML”

Back in my days of high school, 2001-2005, sneakers were all the craze for ALL the cool kids…white, black, Hispanic. You weren’t COOL if you didn’t have FRESH pair of Air Force 1’s or Adidas on. No joke.  
Not familiar with the sneakerhead term or sneaker collecting?

“A sneakerhead is a person who owns multiple pairs of sneakers as a form of collection and fashion. The birth of sneakerhead culture in the United States came in the 1980s and can be attributed to two major sources: basketball, specifically the emergence of Michael Jordan and his eponymous Air Jordan line of shoes released in 1985, and the growth of hip hop music,” read more.

I mean, people wait in all types of weather, for hours, for these sneakers. Some get stabbed, some brawl, some make friends, and they all drop nearly $200 for a new pair of sneakers. Is it worth the trouble?

This really is just a much larger story and question regarding society, product marketing/advertising, manipulation; think Black Friday or Holiday Shopping. It’s all just ridiculous. We are completely at the mercy of these large brands and products.

I digress, back to sneakerheads specifically: I presume it’s as simple as just a hobby, a collection. Like people collect baseball cards, stamps, women and heels. But at some point, don’t we all grow out of certain things? I don’t know, I feel if you aren’t wearing them all, why collect them? They’re just going to sit in boxes, in your closet. Tons of money just sitting there.

Is there a moment when it becomes borderline OCD/hoarding? I think, depending on the collection, it’s a waste of time and energy, but HEY! who am I to judge?

Just thinking out loud here… what do you think?

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