Can I Have a Sh*t Girls Say Moment?

Did you know that the guys of @ShitGirlsSay blew up as web celebs over a simple “girly” bromance moment? Yeah, seriously.

“We were watching The Simpsons or something,” @GraydonSheppard and @KyleHumphrey told Mashable. “And one of us asked ‘Can you pass me that blanket?’”

“After the initial giggling about asking such a “girly” question subsided, the pair realized they might have stumbled on something big — like, Internet big.”

And now, as all great web celebs evolve, Sheppard and Humphrey have published a book, using their brain childs’ “feminine persuasions and hilarious one-liners to break from the pack of Internet memes, and elbow its way onto bookstore shelves.”

“Sheppard, a director and the star of the series’ videos, and Humphrey, a graphic designer, crafted the entire 96-page book. Each page cleverly illustrates a tidbit of what girls talk about, such as noodles spelling out, “I can’t believe I ate all that” and the words “I can’t get warm” floating in a snow globe.”

So seriously, can I have a similar on-the-couch, bonding-with-a-friend, stupid moment that we can just go gaga about… drop in a brainstorm and produce this equally as web-celeb-over-night-sensation idea as Sheppard/Humphrey did?

While that resonates in the universe, make sure you follow @ShitGirlsSay because if you don’t, you’re missing out.

30M Youtube views and 1.8M+ twitter followers, can’t be wrong.

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