My First Black Friday

I know it’s Cyber Monday and all but I also know we are all inundated with emails of the such, therefore I won’t make this post about Cyber Monday and/or the endless deals. Instead, I’ll briefly talk to you about my first Black Friday adventure/experience and how I endeavored to find the best deals without dying.

Mom, fresh off the boat from London, was in town and in hopes of getting lots of new clothes for the season at lower prices (London is uber expensive.) We woke up on Friday morning, after a night of eating far too much and crying over the Jets’ embarrassing loss, and rushed directly to Kohl’s — which, in case you didn’t know, is a FANTASTIC store with lots of awesome new designer lines.

While I was expecting something like this:

or this

…we actually found lots of parking close to the front of the store, and very normally walked through the glass doors. No rush, no fighting, no tripping, no overcrowding.
The only thing that took time to find was a cart to carry our treasures in because it was slightly busier than normal. Other than that… gravy.

Lots of percentages off this, and that; 15% off your entire purchase (on your Kohl’s charge,) 20% off all day-of purchases if you opened a Kohl’s charge.

we. did. damage, and saved nearly $1,200! Can’t beat that!

I’d like to thank Chaps for becoming my mom’s new go-to brand as well as Rock & Republic whose jeans fit my curvaceous sister like a glove, and Simply Vera (Wang) for my new riding boots; among many other brands and many other new items i.e. H&M, Gap, DSW.

How did you fare during Black Friday? Comment below! 

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