London RTW

For the unfamiliar, RTW stands for, among many things I’m sure, “Ready to Wear,” that is to say fashion that is ready to wear. Fashion that people wear every day, go-to style.

Whilst my second trip here in England, I can’t help but notice that most of the ladies in the street all look the same, dress the same, same fads, trends. I’m hoping that for the sake of their individuality they switch it up by the next time I visit.

I kid you not: think Rita Ora or Rihanna on a casual day, with a high-messy bun.
H&M edgy meets vintage, “it’s-probably-too-cold-to-not-be-wearing-pants-today-but-whatever” IDGAF “comfortable” kind of look; IF that even makes any sense.

I’ll try to explain via photos:



rita ora photos via pinterest

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