Flying Virgin Atlantic

Big thanks to the Virgin Atlantic crew guy that I bumped into rushing to check-in to my flight back to the New York last night. Not only did he direct me to the kiosk and got me checked-in in 5 minutes, he also kindly secured an aisle seat for me in the sweetest row on the plane, or so I thought.

Before I start rambling I’d like to preface that Virgin Atlantic is by far one of the best airlines I’ve ever had the privilege of flying. Aside from the funny anecdotes from the captain, the crew and experience is top notch.

via instagram/virginatlantic

Much to my surprise though, my amazing aisle seat turned out to be everything but. Seat 49D in the row with the emergency exit doors. Perfect for lots of leg room and movement but for the four of us in the center it was nearly impossible to keep our legs stretched out for more than 10 minutes at a time thanks to your lovely flight friends that MUST cross from the left to the right side of the plane for the toilets; I mean really? I must have been stepped on at least 11 times, so much for sleeping.

Nevertheless, overall it was a pleasure flying Virgin again. I’d fly them again eyes-closed and would take a seat in the same row, perhaps on the left or right sides though as opposed to the center section.

After all, as the Captain said, especially on a night flight (thanks to the darkness “the cabin crew is 40% better looking”) we’re flying with the “best looking people in the air!”


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