UK Week: Small Treasures

Small treasures around England can’t be hard to find, they’re everywhere. Moreover, it’s hard to choose just one and I can’t talk about them all. I’ve chosen a few that I simply adore and want you to too; take a walk with me…

Notting Hill, especially Portobello Market and Hummingbird Bakery.

Think: market town painted white, bustling during the day, glistening at night.
Affluent, fashion-centric, high-end dining. That’s Notting Hill.

Although I visited later in the evening, it was equally as memorable and beautiful.
One of its most known attractions is the Portobello Market, on Portobello Road, which runs almost completely north to south through Notting Hill. As one of London’s most notable street markets, its home to everything second-hand – clothes, antiques, and more.

Most remember Notting Hill from the movie “Notting Hill” (watch) and the Notting Hill Book Store (which I did not see – I believe it closed this past year.)

I will remember it for Hummingbird Bakery.  Since I went in the evening the bakery was one of the few things open so I made sure to stop in because I read it was a must-visit small treasure in Notting Hill. Words can’t describe how delicious this brownie was, nor the red velvet or chocolate dream cupcakes, you need to experience it for yourself.

hummingbird_brownieHarrod’s. Another “cat’s got my tongue” moment with this one.

HarrodsI dream of one day being able to shop at a store like Harrod’s – comparable to Bergdorf’s in NYC – a museum of high fashion and wealth. It’s the strangest feeling walking into a store where everything is so beautiful and pristine but also unattainable… it isn’t fair.

Why am I even writing about Harrod’s on a “small treasure” post? More so for their enormous souvenir shop, full of small treasures. Little memories and tokens of a store you wish you could actually buy things in. A store you have been so privileged to even walk through. I bought myself the Harrod’s signature green shopper tote as a promise that someday I’ll return to Harrod’s and actually buy something I once thought unattainable.

Harrod’s Disney Princess installment – Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Elie Saab

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