UK Week: Shopping

As previously mentioned regarding London RTW, the fashion and shopping in London is fun and varied. While most of the ladies dress in the same styles, there are still lots of options out there. My two favorites are Primark and Topshop; I want EVERYTHING from both of those stores, everything.

I deviated from actually buying at Topshop, being the more expensive of the two, but I did snag a couple of pieces from Primark since I loved the few things I got there back in September. With my new camel-colored convertible large tote, 3/4 sleeve shirt with tail, and spiked ring, I sit anxiously waiting for the day I can go back and shop some more, or that Primark come to the U.S., or both.

From Topshop, there just aren’t words really. They kind of take the only words I can think of straight out of my head, “…eclectic British style… known all over the world.”

Yes they are available in the US via NYC, Chicago, Vegas and Nordstrom, but there’s something about being in one of their stores on their home-turf that’s different. And so instead of Googling synonyms and adjectives to describe the pieces I loved or how I felt in the store, I’ve instead compiled favorite pieces from each garment group, all of which can be found on their US site.

Let me know if you feel what I feel…


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