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It’s that time of the week kids…

1. My 2013 MLB Fan Cave Submission. If you love it and think I have a chance, tweet the video along with “#picksuaz #MLBFC” to @MLBFanCave cc me too @la_suazo.


2. The weather. As cold and brick and frigid as it’s been in New York for the past couple of days, I love the winter. I’m a June/summer baby and all but there’s something about warm drinks and UGGs, and comforters and snuggies.

instagram/la_suazo - click to see more
instagram/la_suazo – click to see more

Need help keeping warm? see Jane‘s got you covered:

photo cred: “Defrost: (see Jane warm up)” click to read

3. This Groupon Expedia Getaway to Istanbul, Turkey.

Honestly, if you have the $999 and can travel in March from D.C, buy it NOW.
The price includes the flight (!), 7 days in a first class hotel, tour, AND breakfast everyday. I mean, if I didn’t have to put it on a credit card and if I could save it for much later this year… I would totally buy it. The price only goes up by $99 to travel from NYC or Chicago in the same month.

4. The 52 Week Challenge
My friend Michelle, yes the one that got me my CHI, posted a photo on Instagram of her 52 Week Challenge – looked interesting so I had to learn more.


The name of the game is… saving money and you play every week, all 52, of the year. Yes, I’m already behind by 4 weeks.

Basically, you add the number of the week of the year in cash, i.e. on the 18th week you add 18 dollars. Make sense?

It only adds up to $1,378 but it’s a good way, for someone like me especially, to show some control and save. Assuming you can save some additional money in your savings account, this $1,378 can be used to pay down a credit card, go on a vacation, etc. It’s an extra cushion you may have not had 52 weeks ago!

5. Blogologues, by Lively Productions.
Big thanks to my girl Girl Contrary for writing about these guys. “Through the cultivation of new work and exploration of projects based on current events, trends and new media, [they] endeavor to expand the definition of performance today.” Their flagship production is said “Blogologues” and I think it’s a genius idea!

They basically scour the internet for great blogs and such and reproduce them on stage at their residency at Under St. Marks. Learn more about the brains behind the organization and check out how they performed Girl Contrary’s “Why We Blog” post:

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