Super Bowl Ads: the good the bad & the ugly

No matter my view on society and media and the lost essence of American Football,  I definitely still watched the Super Bowl last night, what a game ey?

The ads, while mostly lack luster if you ask me, were dripping in CTA’s (call-to-action) to social media. I’d like to informally rename the Super Bowl, the Hashtag Bowl. Here are those that stuck out most to me, good, bad, and ugly.

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1. “Love Ballad” Naya Rivera for M&M’s – #betterwithmms

Perfect partnership and execution. Naya is young, beautiful, and closely tied to the masses that watch Glee as well as the Latino audiences. Win.

2. “The Kiss” Bar Refaeli for GoDaddy – #thekiss

I loved the contrast of the hot girl and the nerd, but “the kiss” I felt was completely unnecessary especially the sound effects. Come on guys, kids are watching the Super Bowl too. They may see people kissing all the time, but not with such distasteful tongue/saliva sounds. Ew. I agree with Thomas Frank, pull the plug – big miss. 


If you missed it, watch it here.

3. “Whisper Fight” Oreo’s ‘Choose Your Side’
Cookie or Cream on Instagram

Absolutely loved the execution… a whisper fight in a library, fantastic. These guys are passionate about their Oreo’s and it’s crystal clear. Even leaves you wondering, what do I prefer? Can I even choose between the cookie or the cream?

No hashtags for Oreo though, they drove fans over to Instagram and your job was, from my understanding, upload a pic of your choice, cookie or cream.

click to watch video

My initial reaction was that if you didn’t buy Oreo’s as a game snack, you couldn’t participate. I later learned though that you could simply upload any photo stating which side you choose and simultaneously Oreos’ commissioned artists recreated your images out of cookie or cream and re-posted.

Great idea, but I think there was a miss on the CTA. Perhaps they could have spent less time on the whisper fight, and a few more seconds defining the action for fans?
I give this one a so-so.

4. Doritos commercials – always a win, and let me tell you why.
They use the fans to create the content, meaning they are opening the lens to more creative content.

“This is the seventh year that Doritos has run this contest: in which amateur and pro filmmakers make their own 30-second Doritos commercials and send ‘em in, with five finalists chosen. Of those, two will air during the Super Bowl.” source/read more

My favorite of the two? “Fashionista Daddy” – although it was hard choose because “Goat 4 Sale” was good too; see all 5 contenders.

5. Calvin Klein’s “concept” ad featuring model Matthew Terry – promoting abs and Calvin Klein’s new standard for underwear “360 seamless technology”.
I could careless about seamless tech whatever… job well done CK, got every woman’s attention along with the guys that wish they can look like Matthew. #calvinklein – watch it on Beefcake CentralWin.

6. Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”? Absolutely amazing.
No hashtags, just a Facebook URL and fun old people escaping their retirement home to have FUN, “live mas” “viva young” and eat Taco Bell. Big Win in my book.

Only complaint? Hard to hear that they used a Spanish version of Fun’s “We Are Young” but I realized it as soon as I noticed it was for Taco Bell, perfect timing. It almost doesn’t even matter though because everyone knows the beat no matter the language! Kudos Taco Bell!

I know I missed a few like Best Buy, Samsung, and Wonderful Pistachios for example. They were great of course but mostly because they featured celebrities. Not much to say there except that had they not starred funny actors or celebs, they wouldn’t have been as great.

Which were your favorites?

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