Being Sick is the Pits


I hate to play the victim but It’s my 3rd day home from a miserable chest cold, which I’ve now learned is more like asthma exacerbated bronchitis, and it’s time to vent. Being sick is the PITS! I mean… just the fact that I’ve blown through (no pun intended) two toilet paper rolls for nose blowing is torture enough. My nose is so red and dry and the snot just doesn’t stop… it just KEEPS COMING.

Everything smells like yucky phlegm and sickness, my hair is super knotty and all over the place,  my nightstand is overflowing with crap like Vicks, tissues, day AND NyQuil,  Aquaphor for my dry nose and a cup of tea, water, and OJ. I’m running out of food and backlogged TV shows. I just want to wake up not worrying about whether the cough that woke me and is taking my breath away is or isn’t going to projectile phlegm… gross.

I’m flying through all my cute PINK lounge outfits and green tea, and I need to change my bed sheets but don’t feel like it nor do I even have the energy.

Be grateful everyday that you wake up healthy and normal…I know I’m going to more often because believe me I don’t miss getting sick like this. I mean yes, it’s time off but you’re home cooped up with zero energy. It’s not like you can run around streaking in celebration or like you’ll suddenly have energy for the DIY project. No. You’ll be bedridden and IT SUCKS. I’m not even in the mood to blow through my personal blog and branding to-do list… woe is me.

So… a moment of silence please for my white blood cells. May you guys keep fighting hard for me so I can return to my normal scheduled programming ASAP, amen.


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