Summer Hacks I’ve Never Thought Of

Hello friends and Happy End-of-July. I know, I know… Summer’s almost over! But don’t fret because we still have August and you should totally make the best of it since it will probably fly by too.

Get to the beach. Have that BBQ. Do that outdoorsy date. Watch the sunset by a waterfront with a beer and a Jason Mraz Pandora station playing in the background. Whatever you do, do it now. Do not delay another day because before you know it, it will be Labor Day, then Columbus Day and then Winter.

Moreover, make August awesome, and easy! I stumbled on this Life Hack video on Mashable today and I had to feature some of the coolest and mind-blowing ideas that I’ve never even thought of.

Have you tried any of these? I totally want to have a BBQ so I can test them out and be the awesome DIYer host!

Summer_LifeHacks_Suazmo Summer_LifeHacks_Suazmo_2 Summer_LifeHacks_Suazmo_3 Summer_LifeHacks_Suazmo_4

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