Tamagotchi is Calling You

Late 80’s babies (growing up in the 90’s) “Tamagotchi” ring a bell? Mini egg-shaped keychain you couldn’t live without?

I can’t quite remember whether I had one or not, but I do remember all my friends having one and playing with it. It was the coolest toy ever and if you didn’t have one, well, you weren’t very cool.

The thing would beep whenever it “needed” you; be it hungry, unhappy, sick, or just pooped. If it died…you’d mourn but minutes later a new Tamagotchi would be born; perfect example of the process. I remember kids getting them taken away in class because teachers could hear them beep.

I digress. A friend posted this buzzfeed last week, assuring us that #16 would make us promisingly excited. It was an overview of “34 Things That Will Make ’90s Girls Feel Old”. Everything made me feel old, but #16 made me feel old, and happy.

It said, “Tamagotchi has been reinvented as an APP”…

That’s right my little ducklings, Tamagotchi LIFE is available for download and you need it. Even if just to bring back memories. Happy memories make us happy. Make us smile. Serotonin. Endorphins… whatever. Trust me. I was overcome with this feeling of being 8 years old again and just playing with a toy. Here’s my little guy, I’ve named him Nuisance:


Within a day I might have slightly regretted the decision, hence naming him Nuisance, because you get the alert like a text, more often than you want, “Tamagotchi is calling you!”

I’ve kept the app because I care too much and I’m a sad over-emotional person that would feel bad deleting it. But either way, I wouldn’t take back that flashback happy-moment for anything in the world.

Have to run… Tamagotchi is calling me… FML!


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