The House of Bumble

In lieu of needing a serious haircut, and the surprise of an employee-of-the-month little chunk of money, I decided to take a visit to The House of Bumble for a haircut. I chose a vibrant talented stylist which I had heard about in a recent NY Post makeover story, “The $150 haircut that got me laid!

Her name is Mischa Golebiewski, and while I wasn’t looking for a “get-laid haircut”, I was excited to get a real haircut by a talented stylist.


Follow her on twitter and instagram – trust me, you’ll love her.

Anyhow, the entire Bumble and Bumble experience was unforgettable. From the head message wash and video tutorials on monitors on the ceiling, to the complimentary coffee and view of the Hudson from my chair… it was just really great. I felt so pampered. Maybe I’m only gushing so much because it was my first 3+ star salon experience? Are you all used to this kind of service? I need to step my game up!

Take a video tour of the House here, and check out my pretty pics too. Thank you thank you Mischa! It was fab meeting you and I look forward to coming back every few months.

The House of Bumble Entrance




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