Thanksgiving Inspiration

I know, I’ve been totally astray. I miss blogging like I used to! I wish I had more time… life is just cray. If I’m not at work I’m at school, or studying, or maybe trying to enjoy a night with friends. Waaaa, waaaa, wahh. I should stop complaining right? Because I should be thankful. That is what this month, and this upcoming holiday, is all about.

This past weekend I enjoyed an amazing friendsgiving with a group of amazing people in my life; see pics here. I was so grateful for every laugh, drink, and meal that day. It is those days of happiness and life that we have to be thankful for. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how small my family is, or that my Mom is all the way across the pond, what matters is that I have them at all.

So, as cliche as this post might be, I want to make sure I also urge you to genuinely be thankful every day. Not just this week or 11/28 specifically but every day you wake up.

You are alive and loved, and that’s what you need to be thankful for.

In lieu of the holiday, I thought I’d complete this PSA with some Thanksgiving inspiration, aka delicious food photography, I recently pinned to get us all in the mood.


Mac and… get in my mouth.
beautiful tablescape

All images are linked to Pinterest board respectively.

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