5 Reasons Why a Onesie is the Best Christmas Gift Ever


First, Merry Christmas! Christmas stands for love, hope and joy. I love you all and want you to pass it on to everyone in your life. I hope you’ve had a great holiday and are looking forward to an amazing New Year!

Second, I’ve wanted a onesie for a long time coming now and finally decided to buy myself one for Christmas. I knew my mom would be home for the holidays so I surprised her and my sister with matching pairs! I found them on UK retailer BooHoo.com.

While they were delivered separately, and almost didn’t make it in time for Christmas, they were the best gifts I ever purchased for myself and my girls. Here are 5 reasons why.


1. Onesies are the warmest and coziest jammies.

2.  If you’re feeling really bummy, because these onesies are footless, you can slip on Uggs and wear them outside!

3. Onesies make you feel like a little kid again.

4. You will look and feel cuter than the Teletubbies in onesies.

5. Onesies encourage you to sit home, relax, and never get up from your bed or couch.

While Christmas is now technically over, we’re still in the “holiday season” which means you can still gift yourself before the New Year! Go buy onesies for everyone in your family and run around like a bunch of kids again!

You’re welcome.

xoxo, Suaz.

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