The Best Movies of All Time

Remember that scene in Miss Congeniality after Cheryl bombs her pageant question and she says, “…I was like a female rain man,” and Gracie Hart replies, “Oh, no. It de-defin- de-def-definitely wasn’t rain man. De-definitely wasn’t rain man.”

It’s sad to admit but I never understood that reference. I’d never even really known Rain Man was a movie, let alone a fantastic movie! I watched Rain Man for the first time Sunday night, and, just, … wow. I cried, I laughed – I cried again. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are incredible actors.

So that made me think of all the other “best movies of all time” that I’ve never seen and how I think I want to watch them all.

I’m guessing it’s all pretty subjective because there are lots of lists of the “best movies” out there. The top returns I found though, with the most credibility (I think), were IMDb’s Top 250 and Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 100. Anyone have any opinion on which I should go with? The top 10 on each list are pretty different.

Help! I want to start tackling the list ASAP. Vote below.

IMDb vs RT



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