Folding a Fitted Sheet

Nothing like a mind-blowing hump day! Let me explain… because that sounded bad.

So I’m scrolling through my news feed this AM and I stumbled on a shared post, by a friend’s Mom, related to folding fitted sheets. Ah fitted sheets. The most annoying article to pull out of the dryer and fold. How can you fold something without corners!

All my life I thought I knew how to fold fitted sheets… until I watched this:

My approach has always been to definitely tuck the corners into each other, but instead of laying it down to create a flat rectangle out of it, the right way, I kind of just fold it over as best I can into a sloppy not-so-square thing. But this approach is legit. I can’t believe there’s a “right way”. Well, actually, I guess I can. They do come folded nicely in a package when you buy them from the store.

I cannot wait to wash my sheets this weekend and fold the fitted one the right way!

If you don’t feel like watching the video again, here’s a 6 stepper for you by DIY Cozy Home:

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