In-Home Dry Cleaning

In-home dry cleaning? SIGN ME UP.

Too bad it’s $499 at Bloomingdale’s and takes a month to arrive from somewhere across the pond. I’m not sure I dry clean enough to justify buying this, but perhaps having it at home also saves time with ironing? Perhaps I’d actually get INTO caring for my clothes?

According to, it’s pretty easy to use:

The innovative SWASH™ System lets you conveniently refresh dresses, suits, sweaters and more at home between dry cleanings. Simply place clothing inside, insert a SWASH PODS™ cup and press start—your items will be restored and ready to wear in just ten minutes.

Something tells me a regular “steamer”, although less “ready-to-go”, might be better worth my money. Would you grab this SWASH system if you have $500 laying around?

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