Newport in 36 Hours

Panorama of the Newport harbor from our Sunday sail.

As you probably know by my Insta uploads and check-ins, Newport was amazing this weekend.

36 hours of New England beauty and I hate that I had to leave so soon. I literally could have spent an entire week there and not have gotten tired of the views and brisk evenings, Thames St. and the quaint and cozy wharves; swoon.

Accompanied by my hometown BFFs, we ventured north around 2PM Friday; first suggestion, leave earlier in the day – we hit a lot of traffic.

Jumping out to take this picture was the funniest 30 secs ever.
Claiborne Pell Bridge in all its beauty.

Friday evening was short but amazing. We arrived to Newport around 6PM and went straight to Broadway to find a restaurant near Firehouse Improv. Seems weird, seeing improv in Newport, but we were told they have the best improv ever which ended up being 100% accurate AND the shows are BYOB which is even better.

We enjoyed dinner at Fifth Element and quickly ran over to Firehouse, 2 blocks away, for the 8PM show – bottle of white wine in hand. Clad with red Solo cups from the Firehouse staff, we got 3 front row seats and literally laughed (almost peed) the night away! Highly suggest watching a show if you’re ever in the area.

Saturday, much to my dismay at first because apparently Newport is very hill-y, we spent the entire day on bicycles.

After a quick breakfast at our precious inn, Yankee Peddler (which I highly suggest staying at!), we walked down to Thames St. and rented from a dude with a ‘tude at Scooter World; the tour guide is much friendlier although I don’t remember his name. We spent the first couple of hours touring Bellevue Avenue and all the <insert any synonym of “amazing”> mansions.

The most beautiful in my eyes, because we toured it, is The Breakers mansion built by the Vanderbilt family. Lots to say about this beauty but I think I can sum it up by saying that it takes a very detailed page from Versailles. This mansion is incredible inside AND out with a spectacular view of the bay from the massive backyard.

I mean… there aren’t words.

After a quick-lunch back on Thames, we headed back over to the east coast to check out the Forty Steps and catch Ocean Avenue to ride along the coast and chill out on a beach. We walked Gooseberry Beach which was free (not private) and family friendly.

On our ride back to Scooter World, we took in more of the beautiful (congested) Thames St. We even checked out a glass blowing class from the outside at Thames Glass – very cool for me as I’ve never seen glass blown before!

That night we had a quiet dinner and, although we planned to go out and dance and have fun, our asses were feelin’ that bike ride so we went home shortly after dessert at Ben & Jerry’s (for one friend) and crepes on Bowen’s Wharf (for me); delicious BTW.

Sunday was short but totally topped off the short weekend. One of the girls and I went sailing! Aboard the Aquidneck, mimosas in-hand, the captain and his staff gave a few short narrations on sights and schooled us a bit on sailing. It was a beautiful and smooth ride.

Captains hea!

Diego’s was our last stop for lunch after the sail. Also on Bowen’s wharf, we ate there because we’d heard it was amazing Mexican food (I know… Mexican in New England?! It was really good though!).

36 hours was too short. If there’s anything to take away from this entire post it’s that you should go to Newport for like an entire week… not 36 hours.

P.S: You’ll be happy to know that my outfits were totally Newport-esque and inspired by my pinterest research!

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