In Case He Has an Ugly Heart

After doing some research on G.R.L. for this post I actually learned that one of the ladies in the quintet recently passed away; like Friday 9/5. So, first and foremost, RIP Simone Battle. I know nothing about you but your voice contributed to a beautiful harmonic group of hot and fun ladies. Although I just discovered the group, it saddens me to know the Simone would take her life.

While the group has gone through changes, replacing members and such since 2011, the official line-up of women that launched the “G.R.L” group included Simone. In memory of her, I’d like to dedicate this #MusicMonday to their jam “Ugly Heart”. Although it debuted in June, I just heard it last week on Pandora and I absolutely love it.

I was confused at first listen, curious whether they were talking about another female with an ugly heart but lo and behold they were generalizing beautiful men and how they can have ugly hearts.

We all know that guy, right ladies? They’re so beautiful and handsome and make you smile so hard you might burst and then they hurt you… hard and you just can’t understand why.


In addition to G.R.L.’s hotness, I think they have solid pipes and can harmonize like whoa (isn’t my music review writing solid?)  Kudos, G.R.L.

Maybe I’m just crazy
Maybe I’m a fool
Maybe I don’t know how to love but
Maybe I do
Maybe you know more than me but
This much is true
This little heart and brain of mine say
We’re through with you

And I wonder does it blow your mind
That I’m leaving you far behind
I wonder does it stop your heart to know
You’re not my sunshine, anymore

Okay you’re pretty
Your face is a work of art
Your smile could light up New York City after dark
Okay you’re coverboy pretty
Stamped with a beauty mark
But it’s such a pity a boy so pretty
With an ugly heart

Maybe you’ll get married
And she will kiss your feet
While I give all my rides away
I won’t loose no sleep
Maybe on your honeymoon
You’ll think of me
But if you don’t won’t shed a tear
Yeah I can guarantee

Lyrics source.

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