Nothing Fits but Winter is Coming

So my awesome box of new stuff arrived on Saturday and, except for the Apt 9 and Juicy ankle boots (which are both fab and I totally recommend), nothing fit.

This is probably an indicator that I should go check out the inside of a gym, right? Well, not necessarily. I believe jeans are the devil and are out to ruin all women that aren’t an average size. A friend recommended Uniqulo jeans which I will attempt to shop online for this week. Apparently they are true to size and comfortable! Let’s hope she’s right.

In other news, this morning was freezing which is a sign that winter is literally coming and I don’t have a winter jacket. So I scoured Topshop on my train ride, since my sister got an amazing coat from there a couple of years ago, and found a few options. I’m looking for WARM (need it for Paris and Iceland in the dead of winter) and trendy – I guess… because why not?

How beautiful is this shearling? God, but $1K though?


Otherwise, parkas are my next best option – windbreaker and 100% cotton – that should work right?




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