Love at Starbucks

I almost fell in love at the Starbucks in Grand Central this week.

(…and no, that’s not a picture of the actual guy; that’s the hottest gent that came up in my google search of “hot Starbucks barista”.)

I don’t think it goes unnoticed that Starbucks employees at high volume locations are the best Starbucks employees ever. They’re nicer, better multi-taskers and, overall, just seem like happier people …maybe they get paid more too?

It would seem the gentlemen, in this specific case, may also go to charm school because I nearly fell in love with the guy that took my order.

I was ushered down to him (5th register – HIGH volume) by the one useless Starbucks employee that just smiles and directs customers, and my guy seemed to have been daydreaming. I didn’t want to interrupt… what if it was a really good day dream?

About 45 seconds later, he snapped out of it and noticed me standing there and apologized profusely,

Him: “I’m so, so sorry love!”


Me: “Oh, it’s ok! I didn’t want to interrupt…”


Me in my head: “Sirrrr, you better watch how you throw that “love” word around! I’m very single and, therefore, VERY emotionally weak these days!”


Me: “I’ll have a Grande Soy Latte, no foam” (fumbling with my Starbucks App)


Him: “Your name sweety…


Me: (omg) “Alex!”


Him: “All set…have a great day darling!


Me: Swoon, dead, done (walks away blushing)

It’s debateable whether this man is even sexually attracted to females – do hetero men say “love” to strangers? I don’t know. But he made me feel special and I doubt he even realized. So, tall-dark-and-handsome-Register-ista? (what do they call the employees that aren’t baristas?), thank you for your kind words of endearment.

Maybe before I fall in love, I should look out for a more obvious sign from a Starbucks employee… like this little secret messaging thing baristas do. It seems that the warning copy at the bottom of the cups, when you remove some words, allows the barista to tell you “Caution:… you’re… extremely hot”.

Yeah, I need someone to do this for me.



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