Reviewing an Expensive Ass Hair Dryer: The Dyson Supersonic

Sometimes you get super fortunate and are gifted $100 gift card to Sephora. Disappointing to many women I’m sure, I’m no beauty product aficionado and don’t shop at Sephora. Fortunately, I thought about the one thing I’d invest in if it were worth all the money… the Dyson (yes, the vacuum and home fans, etc, company) Supersonic Hair Dryer; a whopping $400 hair dryer.

Earlier this year, thanks to Christmas gifts, I noticed a couple of friends (also Dominican/Caribbean – so similar hair type) just raving on Facebook about this hair dryer. Being recently debt free, I’m still pretty apprehensive about dropping big dollas on myself. Last time I can remember spending several hundred dollars on myself (outside of travel/necessities) was likely in my mid-twenties and on a credit card. While not an easy decision to make, $100 off plus a borrowed Rewards members’ 20% off felt like less of a blow at nearly 50% off the pricey hair dryer.

When I polled my IG friends, and shared to FB, that I was considering buying it (and then bought it) I heard from many that I must share how I like it. Sounds like many are considering but hesitant to drop the money. I get it.

So I used it today and filmed a before and after, as well as time lapse of blowing out my hair. Check it out, or keep reading below!


  • It does seem to dry faster (took me about 20 mins, vs a usual 30 – 40)
  • My hair was softer and shinier (didn’t put any oil in after, nor did I need to use a straightener like I would usually)
  • There was far less frizz than usual (which is why I think it went faster)
  • While I love the comb, I’d likely use one of my other bigger roller brushes as the smaller brush and my long hair proved challenging for my wrist
  • While it says “less heat” (and therefore softer/shinier) I still got my usual heat flashes from blow drying in my bathroom (no windows). That’s likely not an issue for others but given the length and thickness of my hair, I think it’s something I’ll always deal with.

Do I think I love it? Yes. It’s compact, interesting technology, and a fun magenta pink (because I got the Mother’s Day Edition that came with a brush and comb for the same $399 price).

Will I return it? No, I don’t think so. Like my Roomba, there are just some things worth investing a little more in for the “technology” and convenience. Do I think there are comparable hair dryers that get the job done for 1/4 of the price? I’m sure (although I don’t really know because I didn’t really do due diligence). I got my Supersonic on sale and it just felt like a good deal but I’m sure it’s not 100% the right decision for everyone.

Hope this was helpful to anyone considering! Drop any additional questions below!

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