Meet Suazo

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Hi! Thank you for stopping by!

I go by Alex (short for Alexandra) to completely new people I meet, but people that really know me mostly call me by some form of my last name Suazo: Suaz or Sua or Asua.

This blog is melting pot of what goes on in my head; my thoughts on anything and everything. That being said, thank you to every single person that decides to read anything on Suazmopolitan!

I kind of love life. I love doing new things and traveling. I love laughing and spending time with friends but I also love me time: coloring books, cleaning, reading, shopping etc.

I also love sharing my life, and I don’t think it’s just because I’m a cookie cutter product of gen X and this Social-Media-centric society we live in. I love to talk, a lot, and it’s that characteristic that fuels my desire to share everything with you – social media, or not. I will always share my thoughts on train riders, Taylor Swift, and iPhone Cases to anyone that will lend an ear, even if I don’t have this blog, Twitter, or Facebook. See what I mean? This is my natural state. Sharing and talking. I hope you enjoy it, but if you hate it I hope you express why. We are all individuals with opinions and if one of my rants ignites something in you, let’s talk it out!



  1. Troy

    Ha……I dont know the last time i have read a blog but i just did yours and it was pretty sweet……not the whole thing but you know us out here in iowa…..we are living in the 19th century….ha well wanted to say hey and that you look really great and I thought I would leave you a creepy message hahah cya

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