Make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.

UK Week: Join Me for Tea

My first proper high tea and I’m all Alice in Wonderland about it. “It’s always tea-time.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland A trip to Windsor opened my eyes to yet another Royal town in England of Queen Elizabeth’s, home to a little two-floor crooked house called “The Crooked House of Windsor” where people from all over the […]


UK Week: NYE 2012/13

Because I failed you all on my last trip to the UK, this time I’m making sure to write all about it. So I bring you UK Week, a post each day this week highlighting my most exciting moments starting with New Years Eve. What a show. If there’s anything you actually read and act-on […]


Flying Virgin Atlantic

Big thanks to the Virgin Atlantic crew guy that I bumped into rushing to check-in to my flight back to the New York last night. Not only did he direct me to the kiosk and got me checked-in in 5 minutes, he also kindly secured an aisle seat for me in the sweetest row on […]


London RTW

For the unfamiliar, RTW stands for, among many things I’m sure, “Ready to Wear,” that is to say fashion that is ready to wear. Fashion that people wear every day, go-to style. Whilst my second trip here in England, I can’t help but notice that most of the ladies in the street all look the […]


Meet Henley on Thames

I always knew I’d be back to London from the day I stepped foot in Heathrow on my layover to Geneva, and here I am, visting mom, for a nice 10 day relaxing vacation. Day 1: Simply getting to know my mom’s quaint little town, Henley-on-Thames. Very similar to my town in Westchester, but a […]


NatGeo Almost-30 Bucket List

How opportune that the same day @CandyNewYork offers me an irresistible deal for a year-long subscription to @NatGeo‘ s @NatGeoTraveler for $6, they also write up a collab of Editor’s Picks top getaways that are equally as irresistible. These are just 6 I’m drooling over of the 19: Can I please just vow to visit each of these places […]