Geneve alla Suaz

I grew up in a small town– one that quite honestly made it really hard to make real friends outside of your immediate clique. However, I was lucky to have a couple of great friends. One of which, although “across the pond,” I’ve stayed so close with through the years— [@ThaRealQhabo]

I’d been trying for about 6-8 months to plan a trip/justify a pricey roundtrip ticket, to visit him and his family in Geneva, Switzerland. Finally, as luck would have it, I was able to secure a week off between a new job transition, as well as a roundtrip flight for under $700. Completely meant to be. 

Due to travel, I was really only in Geneva for about 3.5 days but I had such an amazing time. Forgive me—I’m sure it sounds a bit pretentious to travel to Europe just to “hang out,” but that’s what I did for 3.5 days— spend early mornings/lunch at Thabo’s (with his bro’s and mom) talking and reminiscing, then going out to meet Geneve, and then dinner/drink with Thabo and his friends. Exactly the kind of relaxing, amazing getaway I wanted.

In short, Geneva is a kind, clean, quaint, Swiss-French, diplomatic/political (UN,) TIMELY city.  Cobblestone streets lined with luxury designer flagships like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, OMEGA, as well as the more affordable H&M’s of the world, Geneva has a little bit of everything for everyone—and I cannot wait to go back.

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