Headlight Eyelashes

I kind of feel like I REALLY need these. Thank you @alywalansky for sharing this instagram photo of lashes on a Jeep. They are pretty fabulous and I really love them and can someone get me a pair? Apparently it’s a “thing” over at VW on the Beetle.  


Cars ‘Women’ Love

Not so sure all Women will love all the cars… OR I am just NOT the demo. Forbes on MSNBC put out a story of “10 Cars Women Will Fall in Love With,”except I didn’t at ALL, well all for TWO out of 10. Apparently the list was compiled  based on advice from Christine Overstreet, the executive […]


Mercedes Guardian

So of course, Breaking Dawn started with a kick! Something I HAD to research before getting into the book. Edward had convinced Bella to get her the “before” car to keep her safe- what was referred to as the “Mercedes Guardian”. The first scene is Bella parked at a gas station, filling it up- convincing […]