Mercedes Guardian

So of course, Breaking Dawn started with a kick! Something I HAD to research before getting into the book. Edward had convinced Bella to get her the “before” car to keep her safe- what was referred to as the “Mercedes Guardian”. The first scene is Bella parked at a gas station, filling it up- convincing herself that no one was staring at her.

The guys drooling over it at the gas station:

” …went at it with a flamethrower in the online video. Didn’t even pucker the paint.” ” Of course not. You could roll a tank over this baby. Not much of a market for one over here. Designed for Middle East diplomats, arms dealers, and drug lords mostly.” “…can’t imagine what you’d need missile-proof glass and 4,000 lbs of body armor for around here.”

While the “Guardian” is a fictional car- it IS based on an actual Mercedes- the S-Class S-Guard.

“A special armored version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been produced, known as the S-Guard. Special features include the capability to withstand military-grade small arms fire and certain explosive devices, a self-sealing fuel tank, and a special alarm system. For 2009, Mercedes-Benz launched a long-wheelbase version of the S-Guard, known as the Pullman Guard. This model is 45 inches longer than the standard model and also has a higher roof and taller rear window with a different rake.

The S-Guard is widely used at the diplomatic level to protect world leaders. Ninety governments worldwide are known to use the S-Guard for transport of government leaders and dignitaries. The S-Guard is built on a special production line at the S-Class facility in SindelfingenGermany, with specific S-Guard enhancements integrated at multiple stages throughout the production process.”

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