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DIY Neti Pot for Those in Mucous City

Guest Blogger: Kerri Zupp @kzupp “I am just a nice girl trying to make it in this crazy, crazy world.  I like road trips without directions and I love dogs more than humans. I heart nasal irrigation almost as much as overusing hashtags.” _______________________________________________________________________ After being sick with relentless SINUSITIS for a week now, I […]


Gorilla Warfare

Did you catch this feature by Daily Candy earlier this summer? “17 At-Home Hair-Removal Revelations“? Daily Candy featured fab shaving creams, antiperspirants and hair-removers. Which caught my fancy? Gorilla Warfare by DERMAdoctor, “…Gorilla Warfare works double time to keep you fresh, while it slows hair growth.” 1. How cute is that damn Gorilla? Talk about […]